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Prayer for workers in Uganda

Photo of Cissy

It is with much sadness that we have learned of the passing of Cissy - one of our workers in Uganda. Cissy had been in hospital with malaria and fibrosis for the past three weeks, and went to be with the Lord early on Sunday morning.

Cissy has been a tireless worker of Christ in Uganda handling interpretation, teaching computers and handling the accounts for the Bible school, leading the deaf choir at the church and working as DMI’s administrative secretary. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her and many who never got the chance to meet her.

Her body will be laid to rest today in her ancestral village of Kalisizo.

Photo of Kasumba

Also, Stephen (overseer of the student scholarship program) was robbed last week. He was on his was to visit Cissy in hospital and stopped at a shop to get a drink. He was barely in the shop for five minutes when he came out to find that his car had been broken into, vandalised and important personal belongings stolen. The items included; his college course books and note books, bibles, laptop, digital camera, memory sticks, passport and assignments. Please pray that these items are recovered.

(Praise the Lord for touching the heart of a compassionate and generous lady from Victoria, Australia, whose gift was sufficient to replace the stolen items)

First Ugandan Deaf Youth Camp


Robert Ssewagudde, Ugandan Deaf Youth Leader

Christian greetings from Immanuel Church of the Deaf Youth Section (ICDYS). ICDYS is a central focus of the Deaf Christian Youth Ministry in Uganda to bring together all Deaf young people to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

ICDYS was formed in 2007 by a small group of Deaf Christian young people in Kampala with aid of Deaf Ministries International through our late Immanuel Church of the Deaf (ICD) pastor called Revd Bulime David and Mr Kasumba Stephen who is currently our Youth patron.

ICDYS is a Resource central Christian ministry with a presence in some parts of Uganda. The executive committee and the Youth members of ICDYS are all volunteered workers.

ICDYS has since expanded the activities of the Deaf Youth to other areas of Uganda after I got an opportunity to travel to Egypt where I met Deaf young people of Egypt and learned experiences in Youth issues from them then I traveled to Lithuania for the 6th European Deaf Christian Youth Camp in Birstonia City where I made a presentation.

We have been involved in many Youth activities such as attending Christian Youth Camps, Life skills training workshops, Church activities and services, Youth tour, Youth business skills training and others among Youth activities which have strengthened Deaf young people.

Due to financial crisis in the past, ICDYS was unable to organize its Special Conferences and Camps. We have been involved in Youth mainstream Conferences and Camps which have been organized by the Scripture Union of Uganda for many years.

Since I attended the 6th European Deaf Christian Youth Camp in Lithuania, I have been involved in many Christian Youth activities both at National and International levels such as Uganda, South Africa, Norway, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Egypt where I had mobilised and ministered a number of Deaf Youth. This has explored opportunities for Deaf Youth activism and participation given the widespread ratification of God Ministry.

I am very enthusiastic leader and have been involved in above ministries for Deaf Youth. Because of my commitment and hard work towards Deaf Youth, I am showing interest in organizing the 1st Ugandan Deaf Christian Youth Camp which will take place from 2nd to 6th August 2011 in Kampala at ICD. This Camp will not only be for Ugandan Deaf Christian Youth but we also welcome other Deaf Youth general people around the world who are interested to participate and share their experiences in Christian Youth matters.

On behalf of ICDYS members, I am pleased to welcome you all to attend this Special Christian Youth Camp which will take place from 2nd to 6th August 2011.This will be a life changing youth Camp.

Theme is “Service to the Lord your God While You Are Younger”

This will be a glorious opportunity that will not only benefit Ugandan Deaf Youth as individuals but the whole Deaf community in Africa and the entire world.

Try our Camp and see what a renewing you will have in Christian life. Together, we will make a difference as young people.

We are looking forward to your participation in this fruitful Camp.

Yours sincerely

Robert Ssewagudde

Deaf Youth Leader

David Bulime Will Be Greatly Missed

david bulimel

We have all been shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of David Bulime, leader of the work in Uganda. David had a great heart for the deaf and desire for the deaf of Africa to come to know the Lord. His tireless efforts have resulted in our work for the deaf in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. He will be greatly missed.

David went to be with the Lord early in the morning of September 23rd. He had been ill for quite some time with blood clots in the legs which moved to his thighs causing much pain. To add to his misery he suffered a bout of malaria then in the past few days contracted meningitis. Following quick medical attention we all thought that he was improving so the news of his passing was a great shock to us all. David is survived by his wife Rose, three teenage sons and a baby daughter. Our hearts go out to the family at this time and all of DMI people in Uganda and other nations of Africa who are mourning his passing. David was a great evangelist with a tremendous desire and drive to see the deaf come to know Jesus. As more information is forth coming we will update this information as it is received.

david and rose

David and his wife Rose

First Christian Church Huntington Beach

3 September 2009

Photo of fcchb

A group of 10 members from FCCHB, under leadership of Scott Roderick, recently spent a couple of weeks ministering to the deaf in both Uganda and Kenya. In both countries, they lead seminars in Christian living, practical Christianity. They also assisted the locals with painting, repairing and some construction work. Their love for the deaf was demonstrated in both countries by interacting with children and adults alike. Their generosity was a tremendous blessing and encouragement.

New Church building opened and dedicated in Kampala

3 September 2009

Photo of new church

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of TechServe USA and the donors from Norway, the new church was opened and dedicated officially dedicated on August 9th 2009

A large, light, spacious, cool building is now home of the Kampala Immanuel Church for the Deaf. A vast improvement over the old building! Go to News to see the old building. We are so blessed and thankful.