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February 2014

Despite all the bad news we’ve heard coming out of Syria over the past few years, DMI’s ministry to the Deaf has continued to flourish. Please keep them in your prayers Update via Facebook

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Wedding Bells

Nedal and Maiss

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Nedal with his beautiful wife, Maiss.

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Nedal and Fadi have been a bit distracted from normal DMI activities this past month as they both - within a few weeks of each other - married beautiful brides. Nedal’s wife, Maiss, is from Jordan; we can now see why he made so many trips there over the past couple of years.

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Fadi and Nedal

Fadi and Safaa

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Fadi and his beautiful new bride, Safaa

Fadi’s wife, Safa’a is from Syria (I think) and make wonderful addition to DMI. On the down side of things a proposed camp in Jordan was cancelled due to Swine Flu. The Syrians were most disappointed as it became impossible to make alternative arrangements due to the Ramadan holiday as all camps, hotels and suitable places were full.

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Photo of safaa

Nedal and Fadi’s News

“Dear friends and all,

Peace from the heaven to you, and wish to you the bless days with Jesus.

This email is special to share you about our ministry among the deaf people in Syria.

This year was very full of events, but the greatest is our marriages (Nedal & Maiss) (Fadi & Safa’a).

We thank God for his willing in our life because he gave us 2 women as his heart and they are bless and joy from God to us.

We thank God because he gave us the power to serve him and to share about his salvation and his kingdom.

We continue with this ministry among the deaf community and we saw the new life in the deaf and we are see this people share us about Jesus and what he did in them life.

The spiritual meeting is every Monday, the Arabic lessons and the computer course are every Wednesday, and also to the visit them families and some fun time with them.

We were in the 4th deaf camp in Syria at last week from 17-20 September; this camp was in a nice village (Blodan). The preach in this camp was about the Holy Spirit fruit and what he will dose in our life.

So pray for this ministry please that God make a new beginning in this new season among the deaf people.

With love

Deaf ministries in Syria

Nedal, Fadi “

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