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We are very excited to announce the launch of our DMI Korean website. This is hopefully just the beginning! We have plans to launch a Canadian and a Chinese DMI website in the near future.

30th anniversary of DMI and Inchon Church - Korea

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Here we sit with the current leadership of the Inchon Deaf Church and their spouses, dressed for thue occasion in Korean 'Hanbok'.

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Pastor Kim Yong Whan (right) with newly ordained elders and family members. Mr Cho Nam Gyu is also president of the Deaf Association in Inchon.

In April Lill and I were treated to a trip to Japan and Korea, by the deacons of the Inchon Church, to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of both DMI and the Inchon Church. We were treated like royalty during the two-week stay in Korea.
It was a wonderful celebration, spread over the weekend, when we could again express thanks to God for His faithfulness and provision over all these years. It was fun looking at old photos and being constantly reminded to loose weight! I was also able to visit Taejon, Chuncheon and Seoul renewing many contacts and friendships. The Inchon Church was filled to overflowing for a special anniversary service. Close circuit TV was set-up to transmit the event to another room for the remainder of the guests.

Photo of Kim Kwang Sok

Kim Kwang Sok

Kim Kwang Sok is now our contact person for DMI Korea. We are blessed to be able to use his office and services as DMI Korea takes off again as a mission organization in Korea. In the days to come we are going to introduce the sponsorship program in Korea and hopefully tap into the many resources there, to get the Word of God to the deaf internationally from Korea.

Sadness and rejoicing

Photo of Mun Yong

Over the last months we have lost two vital and lovely people who have served God and DMI faithfully for a long period of time. Moon Yong Ja was one of three sisters who started to attend our church in Chuncheon many years ago not long after we started the work there. The three sisters were deaf as well as suffering from a deteriorating muscular disease which eventually crippled them and took their lives. They faithfully attended every meeting they could and actively took part in serving in the church as much as their bodies would allow them to do. There was always a smile, rarely a complaint and never any bitterness or anger because of their affliction. During the days of our sewing workshop in Korea, we set one up in their home where they could work and not have to travel anywhere. As their bodies began to deteriorate even more so, this had to be discontinued as they could no longer cope with the machines or equipment.

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The youngest sister died first, soon after we returned to Japan.
Myong Ja and Yong Ja then moved into a small flat together and somehow managed. Their father and family deserted them and their mother could not cope with their handicap and condition. The Chuncheon church took responsibility for their care. So it went on for years until just a few months ago when Yong Ja passed into the presence of God. Pneumonia took her in the end. Myong Ja moved into an old people’s home where she is the only deaf person. The guys from the church come each week and carry her out to the car to take her to services, out for lunch and help in as many ways as they can. We laughed together thinking of Yong Ja and her sister dancing before God’s throne in heaven, something they could never do here on earth.