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Burundi flag
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Burundi is small landlocked country in East Africa bordered by
Rwanda, The DRCongo and Tanzania with part of its borders along Lake
Tanganyika. Due to civil unrest, ethnic violence and AIDs, Burundi is
one of the world’s poorest countries. Originally colonized by Germany
and later by Belgium, Burundi gained independence in 1962. Languages
spoken in Burundi are Kirundi, French and Swahili. Only 10% of boys
in Burundi are able to get secondary education so the figure for the
deaf is even much lower.

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DMI has a very active ministry in Burundi lead by Fabien Hammisi.
Fabien is a deaf man of amazing ability and drive and is responsible
for overseeing the whole DMI activity in Burundi including
churches, sewing workshop, wood work factory, deaf awareness and
promotional activities, Bible School and a host of other activities.

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Wood workers

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Photo of Rigobert

Rigobert teaches at the Bible school, supervises the workshops and is an Evangelist in The DRCongo

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Bible school

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Charles Njejimana is a graduate of our Uganda Bible School. He has
been chairman of the churches in Burundi but is now studying under
scholarship in India.

Photo of new office

New office

DMI has a team of 9 evangelist serving churches for the deaf in
Gibotoke Kayanza, Muyinga, Gitega,Buja, Matana, Bubabza, 3 ministries
in the Bujumbura area and a mission work into the DRCongo at Uvira .

The recently acquired house in Bujumbura serves as offices for DMI,
the Bible School, training centre and offices for interpreters.

Photo of Kids ministry

Kids ministry in Bujumbura

Photo of new church worship

Church at worship, Bujumbura

Photo of baptisim

Baptism in Tanganyika Lake

Photo of presenting computer

Neville presenting computer from Huntingtion Beach Christian Church

Much of the equipment used in the projects in Burundi have been
received from the United Nations, Belgium Embassy, Catholic relief
and through donations made by DMI and Deaf Action.

Letter from Charles, India, 19th October 2009

Dear Rev. Neville,

My pleasure to take this noble opportunity to write you and expressed my warm gratitude for the fare supports to India. I have been safeguarded and the trip went very fine.

Everything in this country is good, cheapest and receives many international students in various institutions. I also visited the Deaf church in India which is called “Delhi Deaf Friendship Church, DDFC in short”. There I met some Deaf believers and other church leaders. I was very happy to be with them as they are happy to see me and I explained them more about our ministry activities in Burundi and Deaf Ministries International’s mission and purposes. I started to teach Deaf people about singing, teaching different bible stories and ministry topics while I am having holiday or free times at school. Among them, some Leaders asked me to gather with them every Sunday to serve the Church. I thank the Lord for the magnificent way he had done for me. He has created the world where I could go anywhere, only but letting me/us “GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL THE NATIONS…” I AM SURPRISED OF HIS SHIP TO INDIA THAT ALLOWS ME TO MAKE A DIFFERENT IN HIS NAME. THAT HIS NAME IS HIGHLY PRAISED AND GLORIFIED;

Below are the pictures which I took during my class and with some Deaf friends.

Photo of Charles with friends

Photo of Classroom

Photo of Chrarles sitting at desk

I also thank Mr. Fabien Hamissi for the praiseworthy action and hard work he had done to send me in India to follow the education which will be very important for the benefit of Deaf people after my way back to Burundi, to train, serve and equip them to become and act as intellectually leaders in our ministry and Deaf community.

Dear Rev. Neville and Fabien, let me explaining you more about the granted you sent to me. These grants have been just used to its purposes as what I requested you. I have only changed the way to take airplane in Kenya which will require me less than if I took one in Burundi. After I travel to Kenya via road and then fled to India from Nairobi, Kenya with Qatar Airways. I kept in my pocket US $200 which helped me to use for accommodation and buy other clean materials until the end of this month. Now the situation is much better than what I supposed.

God bless you and wish you all a long life to encourage and empower Deaf people worldwide.

Charles Njejimana