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Reaching the Deaf for Christ

Deaf Ministries International works in 20 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, helping to establish resources and facilities to bring the message of Christ and aid to deaf people.

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PO Box 395 | Beaconsfield Victoria 3807 | Australia
Tel: +613 5940 5431 | Fax: +613 5940 5432

Important Message for Australian Donors

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Deaf Ministries International

Attention all AUSTRALIAN friends and supporters: Here is the Notice of the 13th AGM for Deaf Ministries. This is a public meeting and can be attended by non-members also.

We take pleasure in welcoming our guest speaker - Gunnar Dehli, the Chairman of our International Board (a brief detour on his way to New Zealand, from Norway).

If you are able to join us please send your RSVP to so that we can arrange seating for everyone!

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6th International DMI Conference

Seoul, South Korea from 7th - 11th October 2014

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Only 6 months until the next DMI International Conference.
Neville’s signed message

Before you register please be sure to read: CONFERENCE BOOKLET (Printable PDF - 1Mb)
USA/Other Countries
to learn the costs involved.



Bendigo Bank Limited
43-45 High Street, Berwick Victoria 3806, Australia

Deaf Ministries Int’l
BSB: 633-000
ACCOUNT: 145834180
BIC/SWIFT: BENDAU3B REFERENCE: Your unique Registration ID (from top of your registration form)

TOURS commence Sat. 11th, returning to Seoul on Monday, 13th
(costs appear in brochure)
* Jeju Do Island
* Korean Peninsular
* Local Sightseeing

After we receive your Participation Form, a more detailed Questionnaire/Information Sheet will be sent to you for completion.

The Standard Conference Fee of USD410.00 (AUD475.00) includes accommodation, all meals and a day trip during the Conference program.

For Twin-share rooms, please add USD40.00 (AUD50.00) per person to the standard conference fee of USD410.00 (AUD475.00) ‘early bird’ price (paid before 31st May).

The Conference venue is only able to seat 200 delegates, so please do not delay in letting us know of your intentions.

The Hi Seoul Youth Hostel website will give you an idea of the venue and its proximity to places of interest.

Syria 2014

Despite all the bad news we’ve heard coming out of Syria over the past few years, DMI’s ministry to the Deaf has continued to flourish. Please keep them in your prayers Update via Facebook

Give a gift that changes lives - Check out the Deaf Action Gift Catalogue

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Please note - we can only guarantee delivery of gift cards for Australian orders. If you live outside of Australia but would like to purchase gift cards in preparation for Christmas 2014, then your inquiry would be welcome.

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Philippines Earthquake

You may have read the newspaper reports about the destruction caused by the 7.2 magnitude - Bohol Island - earthquake on 15th October.
This impacted our work in Cagayan de Oro, where we have been improving and re-roofing the dormitory building at the rubber plantation site, ready for occupation by students who were forced to relocate after a dormitory in a close-by town was closed.
Construction was almost completed when the earthquake struck, leaving the ‘unset’ concrete in a cracked and misshapen state.
Just when the Project Leader and students were looking forward to occupying the dorm, where they would receive an education, a welcoming place to eat and sleep, this natural disaster struck. To illustrate the impact of the local damage, here is an excerpt from a Philippines-based aid organisation …

“In less than one minutes on October 15th, the quaint tropical island of Bohol was set back 20 years in development by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent 1000 plus aftershocks. The toppling of homes, stores, schools, hospitals, and 500 year old churches were only a foreshadowing of the realities of the long term effects of loss of communications, water, power, and passable roads. Even knowing the death toll is impossible because many communities are totally cut off. Thousands of people have lost their homes, schools have been rendered unusable, as well as many hospitals and government buildings.

Both Sagbayan and Loon towns have been terribly impacted. Our first priority is to care for the kids, teachers, and dorm parents. As our dormitories have been badly damaged, we need to repair or reconstructed them. This is also true with classrooms. Extra measures are needed to get food and water to these schools as supply routes are almost totally destroyed in some areas. Funds are greatly needed to accomplish these tasks.”

Are you able to contribute towards the “Disaster Relief Fund”?

An Obedient Man

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In October 2011, DMI held its 5th International Conference in New South Wales, Australia. One of the international delegates was Deaf Pastor Lewis Nkhoma - DMI Director from Zambia and overseer for several deaf churches (200 attendees). At the start of his journey naturally there were concerns from his family - his well educated siblings (all hearing) when they learned that Lewis had been called by God to plant a church “he wouldn’t get paid enough by the Deaf”. They were right!
Lewis went through considerable hardship in the early part of his ministry, washing buses for pay and he slept at the bus station each night. After marrying, he & his wife had to live separate lives for the first 14 months, not having enough money to rent a room. Now they have a 1-room apartment and are blessed with two small boys … Blessing and Taonga (means thanks). Lewis loves to lead praise and worship in sign language. Filmed in connection with the DMI Conference, Lewis (brown jacket) demonstrates his enthusiasm

He is Above All

Here is is beautiful presentation of ‘Above All’ signed by ladies from Monash City Church if Christ, Victoria, Australia on Easter Sunday 2013. A mixed group of Deaf and Hearing, lead by Melanie Robertson (D)

Want to know more about DMI and what we do? Check out this short video. Share it with your friends, and make sure you subscribe to our new YouTube channel for more videos in coming months.

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Introducing DMI

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DMI’s vocational and skills training program in Ligao has received a few success stories that we’d like to share. read more…

Gerd Martinsen Memorial Fund

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Gerd Martinsen ‘Mormor’ had a heart for missions and followed, with great interest, the development and growth of the Church and Bible School at the DMI Centre in Kampala, Uganda.

In her memory, a fund has been established to receive donations towards the ongoing needs at the Centre as each year new students require training. After graduation, these students eagerly go out into other countries to spread the Gospel.

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DMI helps children in needy countries, giving them the opportunity to receive an education. Find out how you can sponsor a child or school.


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We currently support 16 missionaries working in different areas as well as pastors, evangelists and teachers from within the countries we work.


We are currently sponsoring several projects to help support evangelists in the field, as well as starting self-sustaining businesses for deaf workers.

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