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Reaching the Deaf for Christ

Deaf Ministries International works in 20 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, helping to establish resources and facilities to bring the message of Christ and aid to deaf people.

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DMI March Newsletter (Issue #12)

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Please visit the updated website to Register. You can also read about the steps to follow if you are required to make a Visa Application: 7th International DMI Conference
We have received a lot of registrations and applications for a visa invitation. Because of the high registration numbers so far, we are happy to announce that we will extend the deadline of ‘Early Bird’ prices for camping and standard twin bedroom until February 1st! Book your participation here

DMI September Newsletter (Issue #10)

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Annual Philippines Camp is a huge success

During March, the Ligao students and local church members were blessed by a team from the Huntington Beach First Christian Church [Southern California].
The main event was the annual camp which was fully funded and run, by this group. The 10-minute slideshow below will give you a glimpse into the activities and overall success of the Bible teachings, games, fellowship and encouragement
given to the students, teachers and staff alike.
Ligao 2016 Camp The case-sensitive password is: Philippines

2015 AGM Financial Statements and Reports

AGM 2015 Financial Statements and Reports

Latest update from Doug and Val Clutton in the Philippines

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Syrian Update

This short video clip is in spoken Arabic and sign. The DMI leaders wanted to share it all the same, because it shows how the joy of Christian fellowship and celebration has the ability to cancel out the chaos surrounding them —> DMI Facebook Page

In our last update, we had heard that those who had been kidnapped had been returned to their village of Al Qaryatain but were still being held captive. Since then we have heard that the village came under attack which gave them an opportunity to escape. They are now in hiding in an undisclosed village. Sadly, at some point during the upheaval, nine of those captives were killed, including one of our deaf brothers.

Please continue to keep our Syrian brothers and sisters in your prayers.

Below is a photo of our deaf brother who is now with his Heavenly Father.

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The kidnapped group have all been taken from Raqqa back to the village where they were kidnapped from! Returned but still imprisoned in the village and cannot get out.

Photo of Grhop Previously, four Deaf escaped in a truck full of sheep, one of them a lady named Grhop, pictured here with Nedal (H), the DMI-Syrian leader

In spite of the atrocities, there are many positive stories coming out of Syria. A heartfelt thank you to every one of you around the world who has upheld this situation in prayer. The two DMI leaders have shared that the peace of Jesus is with them, their wives and community at this time and they have chosen to stay in their own village.

This is the outreach God has called them to and He continues to protect them. There will come a day when they will be able to fully share with us, God’s sovereign power in their midst.

Their most important message is to let you know their prayer is for the terrorists’ hearts to be changed; for evil’s blindfold to be removed and for them to accept Jesus as Lord. This is the prayer coming from those who have been persecuted, because they have also witnessed God’s grace and obey the command to love thy enemy.

Who made sure this group of Christians would be moved out of Raqqa prior to France’s bombing campaign on that place?


Some (maybe 20) of the group from the town of Al Qaryatain captured during August, have been released.

We understand that this small number of people did not include any Deaf. We keep these brothers and sisters in Christ in our daily prayers; that they will know the peace of our Lord in their hearts and that they are constantly protected by the Armour of God.

Update from DMI-Syria


Nahla (D) attends one of our churches outside of Damascus.

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We received news from the DMI-Syrian leader that Nahla, five members of her family and 19 other deaf believers have been abducted. Apparently the incident took place on August 7th when ISIS took the town of Al Qaryatain (there are various spellings of this town) and took away some 230 people. This included many Christians including these 25 deaf people who lived and worked in the town. It is believed that they were taken to the ISIS-held capital of Raqqa to be used as slaves, maids or worse.

Nothing has been heard of them since. Getting detailed, accurate information is difficult. It has been reported in the secular media but no mention of many of them being deaf. Please keep praying. Your continued interest on Facebook and prayers, has helped us bring the plight of these brothers and sisters to over 100,000 people globally.

Daily News Report

Barnabas Fund Report

2015 AGM Financial Statements and Reports

14th AGM held 2nd May 2015

DMI Newsletter - Issue #4

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Recognized jointly

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The 2014 World Relief Australia​ Unsung Hero Award was presented to Neville & Lill Muir by the CEO, Dr Donald van Cooten.
The ‘surprise’ presentation was made during Neville’s 70th birthday celebration last Saturday! Deaf Action partners with WRA and is responsible for delivering aid to deaf communities in the countries where we have schools and sustainability projects.
Lost for words, Neville & Lill humbly accepted the Award showing their gratitude first & foremost, to the One who has enabled them to ‘grow’ each project; providing a brighter future for this disadvantaged people group.

DMI Newsletter - Issue #3

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6th International Conference, Seoul

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Around 240 delegates attended on the ‘fundraising day’; which included a large Korean participation.

We can officially announce that the 7th International DMI Conference will be held in Norway, home land of Chairman of the DMI International Board, Gunnar Dehli. Start saving now, because it is less than 3 years to the Opening Ceremony - 12th June 2017.

More pictures can be viewed under ‘Conference’.

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Syrian News Update

Click here to read the latest Syrian Newsletter

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